I guess I have day drinking on the brain due to all this beautiful sunshine we have, so today's Pinterest pick of the week is very specific, youthful, and sweet. I also forgot to mention delicious!

I absolutely love everything Disney! In fact, I have a large collection of Disney movies on VHS saved from my childhood that I recently brought out for my daughter, Ella. We recently put my old 13 inch VCR/television combo in her room, (saved purely to watch these VCR tapes on), and Ella made me one proud mama when the first movie she reached for was 101 Dalmatians. (One of my absolute favorites!)

As the parent of a daughter I realize that there are several princess and Disney themed parties in my future, so these recipes will provide fabulous adult entertainment all while staying in the party theme.

Ladies, they also provide a great girls night idea for you and your fellow princess loving girlfriends. In fact, that is exactly the reason my good friend Aimee sent these ideas to me!

For more Disney cocktail inspiration, go here.

Enjoy, and "Hakuna Matata", my friends!