I'm fully aware that the title makes little to no sense. 

I saw this tweet this morning and was confused. Kane isn't exactly active on social media. This was pretty out of character for the Blackhawks star.

Then he tweeted a link to the video above with no mention other than the fact he was trying to help people sleep better.

I was confused. Hockey Twitter soon chimed in with the explanation, tonight Patrick Kane will play his 1,000th game with the Blackhawks, a very impressive milestone, especially considering it is all with the Blackhawks

Only three other Blackhawk players have played over a thousand games for Chicago and no other NHL team.

  • Stan Mikita
  • Duncan Keith
  • Brent Seabrook

That's it, pretty select company.

He also released a video thanking the Blackhawk fans for their support and feeling bad that they won't be in the building to celebrate with him as he crosses the 1K plateau.

That's all very nice but I want to take a second to talk about his sleep aid video.

That ABSOLUTELY works. I threw it on in my office and laid down on the couch this afternoon to see how long i could get. I remember hearing numbers in the low 100s but was out pretty fast after that. It definitely put me to sleep in under 10 minutes. People have been using it on their babies.

It is wildly effective.

Have a listen, apparently, there are little Easter eggs hidden throughout the whole thing. I did hear him get excited when he got to 88. There is a rumor out there that he sings Twinkle, Twinkle, Little Star at some point. I'm not sure how anyone found it so quickly without falling asleep.


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