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Parts of Illinois are seeing an increase of COVID-19 cases, enough cases for the Governor to reapply some restrictions. It's no surprise cases are increasing. It seems like much of the population in Illinois is simply over the pandemic. People are becoming looser with when and where they use their (recommended) face masks. Some businesses are simply not enforcing the use of masks and instead operate with a "meh" attitude.

I get it. Masks can be hot, itchy, simply uncomfortable, but they need to be worn for the benefit of others, not necessarily the person wearing the mask. It's also important for face masks to be worn currently. This means with your mouth and nose covered... at the same time. I saw a store clerk wearing a mask with her nose and her upper lip exposed. They might as well had not been wearing a mask at all. But, back to the restrictions coming to a part of Illinois in the coming days.

It's not in Rockford or Chicago but it is an example of where we could be headed if the proper recommendations aren't considered. Pritzker is making this particular part of Illinois completely shut down again but he is implementing a set of "rules" that will begin Tuesday. These restrictions include stopping party buses, decreasing gatherings to 25 people or less or 25% of the room's capacity, and close bars and restaurants at 11 p.m., according to

The measures will remain in effect over a 14-day period. After that, more stringent restrictions, such as the closing of indoor bars and dining, can be implemented if a high rate of positive tests continues.

You can read the full story HERE.

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