No need to be worried about how 2021 is gonna go because so far it's off to a great start! After 20 years on the air, PBS has decided to cancel Caillou.

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That sound you hear is from parents everywhere cheering that Caillou will no longer be on the air, therefore tormenting us no more.

I had always heard stories of how annoying the "little, bald, whiny kid on PBS" was, but it wasn't until I became I parent myself that I fully understood. In fact, I don't think I've ever met a parent yet who liked that show or its title character. Like most other parents I know, it was banned from our house entirely. One of us would hear the theme song and the channel would instantly get changed.

This sentiment is felt pretty much worldwide as he is subject to many a meme.

Now it seems as though PBS has grown tired of the tears of parents forced to endure this madness as they announced yesterday that after 20 years they are saying Goodbye to Caillou.

If you're still in doubt over mass hatred for a children's television character, just read the comment section of the above post.

While I don't wish any ill-will towards Caillou I am glad to see him go. And with a 5-year-old who still really loves PBS Kids, I'm excited to see what they bring in to take his place.

Now if someone could just tell me why Daniel Tiger and his Dad don't wear any pants with their jackets? Everyone else is wearing them?

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