Every preschooler's dream (a.k.a every parent's headache) is touring the country, but there is a catch and parents are NOT happy about it.

Blippi Live is touring the United States including a two-show stop in Chicago and one night in Milwaukee, but do not rush to by tickets until you've read this.

Tickets for Blippi Live range from $26-70, according to Buzzfeed. There's also a meet and greet option between $40-$50, which isn't bad at all. In fact, it's not even close to being too expensive after you see the smile on your child's face the first time they see Blippi in person. The problem is there is a major risk of disappointment and a potential meltdown. The "real" Blippi won't be there.

There's a question in the tour's FAQ that explains who will be in place of the "real" Blippi, Stevin John.

-Will Stevin John be in the live show?

Blippi was always envisioned as a character. Stevin John is the creator of Blippi and acts as the writer and creative force behind the Blippi character. Now that Blippi has evolved as a character he is excited that a dynamic stage performer has been cast as Blippi to entertain and thrill audiences across all of the tour markets.

Some parents didn't check the FAQ before making big non-refundable purchases and are super ticked, according to Buzzfeed. To their defense, I've never looked for an FAQ when buying tickets to a concert or comedy show, over anything kid-related.

“I called Ticketmaster and argued with them as they were equating it to Disney on Ice and him being a ‘character,’” said a mother who spent $460 on tickets and meet-and-greet packages for her family of four, and who ultimately got a refund. “But I argued that he IS the character and it would be like the Wiggles touring with replacements!”

This is the first time there's been controversy about Stevin John, a.k.a Blippi. Check out this story on Buzzfeed, scroll to the bottom.

If you're still interested in phony Blippi, the tour will be in Rosemont Saturday, February 22, 2020, for two shows, and in Milwaukee the following day. Plus, a stop in Madison on March 3, 2020.

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