An Illinois State Police officer shared a perfect example as to why we need to be focused on the road and the speed limit. The officer that dealt with a speeding 21-year-old was obviously not happy with her excuse, which only made matters worse. What excuse could you possibly come up with to merit going over 100 miles per hour? It had nothing to do with bowel movements or being in labor.

According to the patroling Illinois State Trooper, the young woman was radar'd at 115mph, more than 35 miles per hour over the posted speed limit. The trooper shared the incident in detail on Facebook.

Radar at 116 mph and then sped up to 135 mph.

Her excuse? She was late for class.

This is utterly ridiculous and now she is going to be really, really, really late to class.

The trooper reminds of us this is an example of who we're sharing the roads with, which is a frightening thing to think about.

This is why we want you to stay focused. This is why we want you to drive the speed limit to better prepare you to stop in time in case this lady gets a flat tire and comes barreling across the interstate lanes at you.

The post has comments arguing her vehicle going 135mph, which is irrelevant. The fact that she was driving dangerously fast is something that isn't debatable. Simply put, it's dangerous and puts lives at risk, including her own.

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