The tasty flavor of those eleven original herbs and spices of Kentucky Fried Chicken can linger on your fingers with this finger lickin' nail polish.

Nope I'm not kidding. The fast food chain in China, according to WGN, has come out with a line of nail polish that tastes, yes I said taste, like Kentucky Fried Chicken.

"The limited-edition nail polish will come in Original Recipe and Hot & Spicy flavors. It can be applied like normal polish and tasted as soon as it dries."

Right now it's only available in China, but do you think this could make a run in the states? Would you buy it or even try it?

I gotta tell you it grosses me out me. Just imagining seeing a bunch of weirdos painting their nails and going around licking and sucking on their fingers all day is icky to me. Eww..

It reminds me of the SNL character Mary Katherine who would smell her fingers after sticking them in her arm pits . Hahaha! So gross but that was funny.

Oh and by the way they released a special music video to promote the polish too. checkit out.