As the weather warms up it's time to wear all of our cute flip flops and sandals but what happens when you don't have time for a pedicure?

No worries, this product is said to be your pedicure lifesaver.

The Japanese Company Belle Maison has come up with a product to help us ladies out when we just don't have the time to go somewhere or even to our own pedicures.

It's their pedicure pantyhose. Yep you read that right. They are stockings with toes that have imprints on them to look as if you polished your tootsies.

According to Yahoo, they come in both "knee length and full-waist version available for around $15, as well as multiple toenail colors and patterns to choose from."

Belle Maison; Instagram

Hmmm, it's an interesting concept. I'm not sure I would want to wear these. I hate wearing panty hose as it is.

What about you?

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