Barbecues with family and friends is a staple of summertime fun, especially when a holiday weekend is just around the corner, but these are some strange times we're living in, and certain precautions need to be followed.

If you've already extended invitations to family and friends to come to your house for a barbecue on the 4th of July, health experts at OSF are warning that these types of gatherings are perfect grounds for COVID-19 exposure.

I'm not sharing this info to scare you into cancelling your Independence Day fun, I just want you to be aware there are simple things you can do to minimize the risk of exposure to COVID-19.

According to;

Experts with OSF Healthcare say that when it comes to backyard barbecues, there is a higher risk of coming in contact with the virus–especially when there is not enough space to maintain the six foot physical distancing requirement.

Backyard barbecues also typically incorporate a food table that guests gather around and share utensils.

As you work on your list of preparations for your next backyard barbecue, you may want to pay special attention to creating spacious or multiple seating areas throughout your yard.  You should also make sure you have enough serving/eating utensils so that every guest has their own, and won't be using the same spoon to pile the pasta salad on their plate. No one wants to go home from a fun day with friends and family with a case of COVID packed up on their leftover plate.

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