Full disclosure here, I may be beginning to lose it during this COVID-19 quarantine. My youngest daughter received a card in the mail yesterday from her pre-school teachers, and it made me cry. I am not normally a crier. It was not a sad card. My emotions are a hot mess, and it's driving me crazy.

When it begins to feel like I may have reached my limit, I take a moment, grab my phone and hop on social media. I know you're thinking that sounds like a super bad idea in times like this, but my social media scouring has a very specific purpose; I'm looking for the good. The good stories of people helping one another is what calms me down and makes me feel like this really will all be ok...eventually. Stories just like this one from Oregon CUSD 220.

Social Entrepreneurship students at Oregon High School decided to use their down time from classes to do something amazing for high-risk members of their community during the COVID-19 pandemic. They created a free grocery and delivery service called "District Delivery", and right now they are looking for volunteers willing to help them shop and deliver.

Here's how District Delivery works according to Oregon CUSD 220 on Facebook;

If you live in the Oregon area and would like more information about District Delivery, or even better, would like to volunteer your services, please contact Oregon High School's Social Entrepreneurship Program Director Aaron Sitze at 815-687-8296 (text or call) or by email at asitze@ocusd.net.

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