Google just released a tool called "Local Year in Search 2022", and when you search for Rockford, Illinois it says "orangutans" was the top trending animal in our area this year, but the real question is; why?!?

Why Is Rockford, Illinois Obsessed With Orangutans?

The new Local Year In Search feature on Google is pretty fascinating to dive into because it gives you great insight into what Rockfordians care about or question this most, but seriously, why are so many of our neighbors Googling orangutans?

Photo by Andrey Tikhonovskiy on Unsplash
Photo by Andrey Tikhonovskiy on Unsplash

Are Rockfordians secretly harboring a love for these lovable primates, or is there something deeper going on here?

Was there some major orangutan story that I missed in 2022?

Are a ton of Rockfordians hiding orangutan pets in their homes?

Did every school in the Rockford area assign a project about orangutans this year?

Since I cannot continue my day until my questions about this orangutan obsession have been solved, I did more Googling...and came up with nothing. No major orangutan stories involving Illinois in 2022. No new orangutan as pets laws in Illinois...nada.

Since I cannot find the answers I am searching for, I guess I'll just come up with some of my own.

3 Reasons Rockfordian May Be Searching for Orangutans

One theory is that Rockford residents are simply enamored with the intelligence and problem-solving abilities of orangutans, which I totally get. After all, who wouldn't want to learn from one of the most intelligent animals on the planet? Perhaps the people of Rockford are trying to gain some insight into their own lives by studying the behavior of these clever creatures.

Another possibility is that the residents of Rockford are simply bored, and enjoy spending time learning about cute animals.

But perhaps the most likely reason for all the orangutan-related searches in Rockford is simply a case of mistaken identity. It's possible that people are actually trying to search for "orange tutus," and are just getting the spelling wrong. After all, who wouldn't want to dress up like a cute and colorful primate for a night out on the town, and who actually spells orangutan correctly without using spellcheck or Grammarly? (I certainly can't).

(Ok, I know that the last one was a major stretch, but weirder things have happened in this city).

So, there you have it: three possible explanations for why so many people in Rockford are Googling orangutans. Whether they're seeking knowledge, entertainment, or a fancy new outfit, one thing is for sure: the residents of Rockford are not lacking in creativity or curiosity. And who knows? Maybe one day, we'll see a parade of people dressed in orange tutus marching through the streets of downtown Rockford, proudly showing off their love for these amazing animals.

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