Unmask our children! Stay masked for the rest of the year! I'm not going to get in that argument with you, your opinion is your opinion. Around here this whole thing has been nutty! But what about kids "texting" in class?

Phones are basically permanently attached to teenagers. Everywhere you go, everything you do...the phone is out and there's some sort of communication going on. A 14 year old student at Wauwatosa East High School in Wisconsin, was arrested for texting in class! Man, this teacher doesn't mess around SG

It was math class, and this young lady refused to stop texting. After numerous attempts to get her to stop the teacher had had enough. After class, the young lady was approached my school security. She denied even having a phone when asked by security.

The student was eventually searched by a female officer. The police officer from Wauwatosa Police Department noted that the phone was recovered 'from the buttocks area' of the teenager. Ewwwwww.

So what happened to the 14 year old that refused to stop texting in class? Here's the punishment for the "won't stop texting" kid...

  • Issued a criminal citation for disorderly conduct
  • Bail of $298
  • Had her phone confiscated.
  • Barred from school property for a week

So whether it's a Samsung Cricket like this young lady, or the new iPhone 12, keep it in your pocket or backpack. The text that Tik Tok or that Snap can wait!

Can you imagine this back in OUR day? We would pass notes and the teachers would lose their minds if we got caught. Now they can text back and forth and not have to worry about the message getting stuck on the smelly kid's desk!

But now, you can get arrested for it in Wisconsin.

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