Rockford has one of the top places in Illinois to visit for fall.

Everyone has a favorite season. For many people in the Midwest, it's summer. For me, I really enjoy fall. I like the cooler temperatures for hoodie season. Also, things like football, Halloween, apples, pumpkins, and so much more.

The best is the leaves changing colors. It's so pretty. Even though it would be nice to live somewhere warm in the winter, I would definitely miss the different seasons. I couldn't live somewhere that always has the same weather. I need the variety.

We are lucky in Illinois and especially in Rockford to have so many great places to check them out. In fact, an attraction in the Forest City has been named one of the top spots to visit during the fall.

It's one of my favorite places in Rockford. I'm talking about Anderson Japanese Gardens. It's such a relaxing beautiful place with such great vibes. It takes you away from reality. Checking out live music there in the summer is amazing. With so many incredible trees and plants, it's a paradise in the fall bursting with spectacular colors.

According to,

"Even though one might not immediately associate Japanese botanical gardens with fall in Illinois, Anderson Japanese Gardens is a not-to-be-missed fall destination. The gardens are beautifully curated, with wooden bridges, gentle falls, and serene koi ponds. This is a place to visit over and over, but the singular reds and oranges that Japanese maples take on in the fall make a trip absolutely essential come autumn."

It's something really great about Rockford.

For more info, HERE.

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