Arguments over who has the best Italian beef sandwich in Illinois never come to an agreement, until you bring up this one. It's the standard, fans say.

Has someone ever asked you a question that had a precise answer that you couldn't come up with, but you could immediately identify what the answer wasn't?

Does that make sense to you?

Let me try another way. I sometimes speak more clearly when food is the topic.

Let's say you have a favorite Italian Beef Sandwich. Having a favorite means you've had many not-so-favored Italian Beef Sandwiches, also.

I have some favorites. When I taste one that is good but it likely won't become a favorite, my thoughts always go to the same spot. I may not always know exactly what needs to be added to make my sandwich experience great, but I pretty much always know precisely what needs to be subtracted.

My Italian Beef absolutes (nothing too crazy):

  • Well-seasoned beef
  • Temperature very warm
  • Very messy
  • A blend of sweet & hot peppers
  • A GRILLED sausage
@thetopspots via Instagram

The Italian Beef Sandwich is a Chicago Icon

Very few arguments over who has the best Italian beef sandwich around the Chicagoland area will ever come to a consensus.

It's impossible to choose just one, or maybe it isn't.

However, it's very well-known fact, that one place tops more lists than ay other.

Johnnie's Beef via Facebook

Johnnie’s Beef

At 7500 W North Avenue in Elmwood Park and 1935 S. Arlington Heights Road in Arlington Heights.

@thetopspots via Instagram says,

"The spice-rich, complex gravy is the gold standard."

"The sausages (cooked over charcoal right there on the line) benefit from the rapid turnover of the line to guarantee you a juicy perfect one almost every time."

Johnnie's Beef via Facebook

It is highly recommended that you order yours with sweet and hot peppers and cancel the rest of the day's plans, as you'll be enjoying a very unproductive meat coma.

Peak lunch and dinner hours can get a little nuts as there is almost always a line.

Johnnie's Beef via Facebook

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