Like many of you, I have been using my extended time at home cleaning out closets, and I have determined one very important thing; there's a very real chance my kids will be running around naked this summer if I don't restock their wardrobe, STAT.

My kids are super hard on clothes, so I HATE  spending a lot of money on new stuff that will likely get stained or destroyed the first time they wear it. This is the main reason I love stopping by Once Upon A Child in Rockford. I can get a bag full of shirts and shorts for super cheap, and I really need them right now. Thankfully, Once Upon A Child will be reopening for curbside pickup on Friday, but I can't help but wonder, how this will work?

Basically, we submit a form stating what sizes and items we are looking for, how much we want to spend, and then Once Upon A Child will do the shopping for you...

If you're wondering what kind of stuff you will get for the price point you choose, here's some examples Once Upon A Child provided earlier this week...

Now, for the biggest question of all; is Once Upon A Child back to buying the clothes, toys and accesories your kids have grown out of? Sadly, no. They cannot begin to accept drop offs until they are fully open for business hold onto that stuff for a little while longer.

To fill out an order form for curbside pickup at Once Upon A Child, click here.

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