Once again, a necessity in life is short on demand and your help is needed. 

WTVO says that the Rock River Valley Blood Center is down to a two day supply of all blood types.

"Right now, they're operating on less than a two-day supply of A-positive and O-negative, less than a one day supply of B-negative and less than a half day supply of O-positive B-positive and A-negative."

The reason for the shortage is summer vacation and a rise in accidents.

A spokesperson for the center, Heidi Ognibene, says that a little time and effort can make a big difference.

"If we don't have the blood on the shelves when it's needed, we aren't going to be able to help people. The reality is that we need to have the blood ready and available to be used. We don't want to be in a situation where we have nothing."

An hour's worth of your time could save three lives. If you have the time to donate, please do.