Did you know that the word "dessert" is spelled with two S's because you always want two servings?

That's not actually true, but it's how I remember how to spell it instead of writing "desert".

After learning what Illinois' best doughnut is, I DEFINITELY want two servings. The doughnut combines two of my favorite sweets - doughnuts and ice cream. I mean could there be a more perfect, delicious pair? Spoiler alert - the answer is no.

Firecakes in Chicago is famous for their "Donut Ice Cream Sandwich". And I mean, rightfully so ...

I mean ... COME ON!

Firecakes in Chicago has three locations and they also have a food truck that goes around the city with their deliciousness on board. Obviously ice cream is delicious in the summer, but I think it's time ice cream got an upgrade, and a doughnut is the perfect thing.

The best part about Firecakes is the endless options you get to choose from. You can let your sweet tooth and imagination run wild when you mix and match their doughnuts and ice cream flavors.

Not only do you select a a doughnut and an ice cream flavor, you also get TOPPINGS. (Insert drool emoji here). You get to add on sauces like Hot Fudge, Bourbon Caramel, and Raspberry Blood Orange Sauce. Then you can top it with things like sprinkles, nuts, and more.

If you're planning a trip to Chicago this summer, make sure Firecakes is part of the plan.


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