Okie Carrie Underwood got some big love from her home state when the Oklahoma State University marching band performed a double feature of two of her hits during Saturday's (Oct. 25) homecoming game against West Virginia University.

The band took the field during halftime to put on one heck of a show, delivering Underwood's 'Cowboy Cassanova' and 'Before He Cheats' for a packed stadium.

The announcer even gushed beforehand that the 'American Idol' hitmaker is "one of America's greatest singers" before the band led into 'Cowboy Cassanova,' during which they created the shape of a cowboy hat on the field. The made their last formation before starting the second song, shuffling around the field to eventually create a big -- literally -- shoutout to the singer. The band spelled out "C. Underwood" on the field before "We Are Cowboys," an outline of Oklahoma and the word "home."

After the songs ended, the crowd went wild. Video of the event even made its way to Underwood, which she promptly shared with her millions of fans. After all, it's not every day one gets their name written on the field during a college halftime performance ... while their songs are played, no less!

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