Happy 42nd Birthday, Brad Paisley! Let's celebrate by learning all his deep, dark secrets.

Ok, this info might not be that scandalous, but I did learn some cool stuff today about one of my favorite guitar slingers. Hopefully you do too...

Now, let me add a few more things to the list:

  • Brad Paisley attended West Liberty University right out of high school until an advisor suggested he transfer to Nashville's Belmont University where they have a music business program. Brad was reluctant to leave his friends and girlfriend at first, but a full scholarship from ASCAP sweetened the deal. Off to Nashville he went.
  • Mark Twain is his personal hero, hence the reason one of his son's names is William Huckleberry. Brad has often said that Twain's ideas were so ahead of his time, and that is why he is so fascinated with him.
  • His grandfather gave him his first guitar and guitar lesson at the age of 8. He was a night shift railroad worker and would spend his days playing the guitar. Brad would spend his days watching him.

Thank goodness he did. Happy Birthday, Brad. Now, please go write a song about cake. That would be awesome. Thank you.