Sure, some people think it feels good to vent on social media, especially during Illinois' stay-at-home order, but what good is it actually going to do?

If you scroll through Facebook long enough you're bound to find someone unhappy about business practices during this pandemic. Things like "They aren't following social distancing practices!" "They aren't requiring customers to wear face masks!", and "How is THAT an essential business?" are some of the topics you'll find. You may also find comments about conditions at work for essential employees.

Though some of these complaints may seem obtuse, there are phone numbers to call for three different categories of complaints. But before you call, make sure you have a clear understanding and facts before potentially wasting time and resources. For instance, Belleville News-Democrat reported there have been residents calling local police after seeing vehicles in parking lots. These businesses were essential businesses offering carry-out, curbside, and delivery, a.k.a. not breaking any laws - a.k.a. a waste of police resources.

If you believe an open business is actually "nonessential" contact the Illinois Department of Commerce and Economic Opportunity. You can do this online or by phone.

If you're an essential employee and have concerns about working conditions, you need to contact the Illinois Workplace Rights Bureau at 844-740-5076 or email.

You can also contact your local police if there are other concerns, just use the non-emergency line if appropriate.

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