When we head to the polling place this November the top question on our ballots will not be about who we want for President but about our roads.

WREX reports that the first question on our ballots when we close the curtain on the booth to vote will ask us if we should have "a measure put in place aimed at protecting the state's transportation-related funding from being used for other purposes."

The measure will be a constitutional amendment to prevent the money that's designated for our roads and other transportation related items from being used and spent on other things within the state.

This amendment, known as the "lock box amendment", "protect Illinois' infrastructure and economy by ensuring money is used for road and bridge repair work and transportation jobs."

In order for this amendment to pass, it needs either the majority of the vote or at least 60% of the votes.

I will vote for this. I don't like the attitude of "robbing Peter to pay Paul". The constant shell game of shifting money designated for specific purposes is what created the snarl and debt we have in our state right now. It's wrong and it needs to stop.


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