A Northern Illinois family is in 'a stink,' as a result of an unwanted guest at the their home.

A racoon was damaging the home of a Stateline family, so they decided to put out a trap to capture the critter to humanely relocate and release it in the wild. However, this morning, they woke up to a rather smelly surprise. This guy showed up.

Northern Illinois Family Traps a Skunk by Mistake, Now What?
Photo Provided (Used by permission)

Yep, Mr. Skunk took the bate and is now trapped and the homeowner is asking how to handle the situation. What do you suggest? Among some of the suggestions the family has received on social media:

  • Cover with cage with a tarp. Make sure the skunk can breathe, and then transport elsewhere. Then, open door with a long  broom handle, then run!!
  • Just let it go. They are so harmless...it's a cat..just a stinky one..it will spray when scared...it was just hungry
  • As long as he can't lift his tail, you're safe to transport him somewhere else. (We're not buying this one)
  • Call animal control
  • Throw a blanket over the cage, lift trap release and run!
  • "Shoot it or get sprayed" (Response: "Absolutely don't shoot it")
  • Cover with a black garbage bag and transport at least 5 miles away or it will return
  • Put him on E-Bay !!! $$$
  • Send it to your ex (Our favorite!)

What do you suggest? By the way, the troublemaker racoon still is on the loose.

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