I'm going to attempt to write this article without jumping on a soapbox, but it won't be easy.

Let me just say this; because of a select few, many Rockfordians and small business owners will be missing out on something they love tonight, and I am EXTREMELY disappointed about that.

I am disappointed that a handful of people in Rockford are tarnishing an important message with their excuse to behave badly. I feel my soapbox coming on now so I'm just going to stop while I'm still ahead and break the bad news to ya...there will be no Rockford City Market happening Downtown tonight (7/31).

Here's why;

Sadly, I have not been to  Rockford City Market yet this season, so I was unaware that patrons and vendors were having to deal with these situations the last few weeks.

I didn't know that things were so bad that City Market vendors were actually considering not returning out of concern for their safety.

Renee and Andre Radway, who own Jerk Jammin Grill recently told mystateline.com;

After last week I was afraid too, should we even go, should we keep going? We do Nicholas Conservatory Food Truck Tuesdays and we have no problem like that.
This particular person is targeting City Market,” Radway said. “That is like their biggest, that’s what their doing they’re targeting City Market, they want to shut the market down like it’s their purpose.

Other City Market vendors say their staff has been cursed and yelled at for no reason in past weeks, and this is totally unacceptable.

To see Rockford City Market paused for a week, possibly more, is disheartening, but I fully support the decision Market organizers were forced to make.

Get it together, Rockford. This behavior needs to stop!

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