Now that Illinois' Secretary of State isn't mailing out license plate sticker renewal reminders. We can rest easy about being late. There's no need to worry about late fees.

WIFR reports that the Illinois House ok'd a bill to suspend the late fees on tardy license plate renewals due to the states budget impasse.

The late fee will be suspended until the Secretary of States office begins mailing out the reminders again.

Since the discontinuing of the reminders did you know that the state has "collected more than $5 million in fines since the beginning of the year. That's more than double than the amount collected during the first three months of 2015."

Holy cow! that is a lot of dough. Now it makes you wonder why the state wants to tax drivers per mile to fix and repair our roads. Umm, don't you think they could use some of that 'late fee' money?

Well it's just a thought.