It's not Halloween unless you watch a scary movie. It's really a Rockford Halloween if you watch one of these scary movies actually shot in town.

Beleive it or not, movies besides Groundhog Day have been filmed in Rockford.

So grab your popcorn, a blanket and hide underneath because these are the 10 scariest flicks shot in Rockford.

1. The Wizard of Gore (1970)

Rotten Tomatoes says:"A sinister illusionist gets away with ghastly murders on-stage in this unique horror story."

2. Poetic (2012)

IMDb says "Poetic is an intense, sexy, character-driven psychological horror film, that centers on a world full of deceit, passion, and revenge."

3. Raymond Did It (2011)

Rotten Tomatoes says "A developmentally disabled teen takes the blame after his brother is accidentally killed by classmates, and later emerges from a mental hospital to seek bloody revenge against those who set him up to take the fall."

4. Slit (2015)

IMDb says "Passion and murder are in store for two party girls whose steamy sexual encounter turns bloody when a black-gloved killer follows them home.

5. The Darkening (2012)

Rotten Tomatoes says "When a young man and his wife return to his hometown after an absence of twenty years in an effort to end his chronological nightmares from witnessing his mother brutally murdered as a young boy, a dark and mysterious stranger begins killing local townsfolk."

6. What They Say (2011)

IMDb says "They thought she had a perfect life; wealthy and privileged, an honor student with her whole life mapped out."

7. Words Like Knives (2013)

IMDb says "Words Like Knives is a dark, discomforting, and surreal psychological horror film that focuses on our main character's inner turmoil as she tries to dismiss horrendous rumors that are being spread about her."

8. One Night Stand (2011)

IMDb says "After her boyfriend Ricky broke up with her, all Kaylee wanted was a night out, away from her troubles and to enjoy her birthday with her two best friends!"

9.  Verbatim (2011)

IMDb says "As a young man tries to get plans together for a night, a realization takes place altering his life forever."

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