This is that personal movie category we all have. The movies that had you beyond terrified and left a mark on you that won't ever go away.

I really do enjoy conversations with people about movies. The conversations I have about movies designed to scare us end up being some of the most rewarding. You get to know a person on a deeper level when they talk about their fears. The things that make us feel vulnerable can also make people feel the most connected.

What Scares You Deeply?

Like music, you can't argue with people about whether the movie that scared them was any good. It's all subjective, what scares you may not scare me.

Movies about awful things that I believe in that moment, for whatever reason could really happen, tend to be the films that give my soul a little a puncture wound.

For you, it might be:

  • Ghosts
  • Evil Spirits
  • Demons


  • Clowns

When planning 'scary movie night', there are hundreds of great scary movies you could choose. But, if you want grab some of the movies that may continue to haunt your soul and activate that tremor of terror that you can feel in your chest, pick a movie from this 'poll'.

The Steve Shannon Show asked,

Here are the scary flicks that you told us scare you most:

From 1992, the urban legend known as 'Candyman', was this knife-wielding man just a superstitious story, or was he real, and still killing residents of Chicago's Cabrini Green.



In the early 70s, everyone was terrified of a little girl named Reagan. A projectile-vomiting, head-spinning, foul-mouthed little levitating girl had been taken over by the devil. Enter the priest who 'tries' to save her.


Demon possession is probably not the best content for a six-year-old.


Good VS Evil... she says "nope" to both.



This 2002 movie got to me, too. A videotape filled with nightmarish images leads to a phone call foretelling the viewer's death in exactly seven days. I think I took a little break during this one, to get some popcorn and give my mind a rest.



When this movie was released in 1974, nobody had seen anything quite as sick and twisted as The Texas Chainsaw Massacre. That old farmhouse and a group of the most crazed, murderous outcasts living next door.



Pretty sure Stephen King, the author of the books on which these movies are based, has tormented our souls more than any other writer.


I was certain that another movie of Stephen King's would be mentioned, as many people are terrified of clowns, but it was a different movie that scared you most.


This is not Stephen King's clown movie, It, this is the 1989 film, Clownhouse. Three brothers are trapped in an old house with escaped murderers wearing clown suits.



This 1980 film from John Carpenter (Halloween) made us MORE afraid of the fog than we already were.



This movie screwed with me in all kinds of new ways.


For the same reason as Melinda, I also struggled with thoughts of how we have no idea how common this story is.


Basements, boilers, school bus drivers, falling asleep... Wes Craven's movie screwed with our perception of all those things.


Just like the guys with the deep voice says in the trailer, every neighborhood has 'that house'. Wes Craven strikes again.



How old you are when you see some of these movies plays a big role in how affected you were by them. Big scary house in the middle of nowhere, dead wife and daughter and the ghost of a dead kid who drowned in a bathtub in that big scary house.

This poll ends with one of those 'could happen in real life' movies.

And that scene from The Strangers that was mentioned earlier.

Good luck finding just the right scary movie. Three films in this poll also made my list of the 6 Movies That Scared the S*** Out of Me.

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