If you love to kayak, take your adventure on the road to experience this unique nighttime float tour offered by Kayak Chicago.

Kayaking in Illinois

Before we had children, my husband and I used to kayak all the time. Sitting on a kayak floating down a river and soaking up the sunshine is a great way to enjoy a beautiful summer day, and it's also a great way to see some gorgeous sights.

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Some people like to kayak for exercise while others simply enjoy the experience of kayaking, but what if I told you there's a unique float tour in Chicago that lets you do both?

City Lights Night Paddle in Chicago

Honestly, I have been to Chicago more times than I can count, but kayaking on the Chicago River is something I have never thought of doing before, but now I totally want to. Here's why...


Kayak Chicago's City Lights Night Paddle takes kayaking to a whole new level and lets you experience the city in a whole new light...literally!

Kayak Chicago's website says;

We will start at dark and paddle down the Chicago River to enjoy the city lights reflecting in the river and off the buildings. With lights on your boat we will explore the city at night.

This 3 hour long float costs $69 per person and is led by seasoned tour guides that share interesting history and architecture tidbits about Chicago. It's open to all ages and experience levels, but I must warn you, it looks like your dates fill up quick!

Kayak Chicago via Facebook
Kayak Chicago via Facebook

More Unique Tours Offered by Kayak Chicago

The City Lights Night Paddle isn't the only cool kayak tour that Kayak Chicago does. They also offer:

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