Illinois' first 'Putt Club' recently opened in East Peoria, and it definitely looks like a place every golf lover, AND non golf lover, will love to visit.

Golfing in Illinois

Let me just go on the record saying I have never played a game of golf in my entire life.

Have I played mini-golf? Absolutely, more times than I can count.

Do I know mini-golf is quite different from real golf? Yes, but if my mini-putt skills are any indication of how I would perform on an actual golf course, it's a good thing I've never set foot on one. (I went to a driving range once, it did not end well.)

Now that everyone knows I'm a non-golfer to the highest degree let me say, I one hundred percent want to check out The Putt Club that recently opened in East Peoria, Illinois.

What Is Putt Club?

When I first saw this picture of The Putt Club in East Peoria, I thought; "it's mini-golf on steroids WITH a bar!"

It turns out, my first impression was pretty accurate.

Here's how The Putt Club is described on Facebook;

HOME OF PUTTERTAINMENT! Indoor & Outdoor Putting · Restaurant & Bar · Family Friendly Games · Events, Parties and More.

Ok, this definitely sounds fun, but what about the food? I'll tell you this much, the menu is extensive and filled with options the entire family will enjoy.


Here are some more great pictures that were shared by Illinois Foodies...

The Putt Club in East Peoria just opened for putting fun, but the cool part is, the fun isn't limited strictly to the summer season...

The Putt Club via Facebook
The Putt Club via Facebook

You ready to go play...and drink...and eat? Me too! Find weekly operating hours at (the hours may change day to day/week to week because they just opened).

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