The Elmhurst History Museum has an amazing new exhibit featuring the big three of Illinois foods.

There Are Many Great Museums In Illinois

I think sometimes Illinois gets a bad rap because of the political corruption but there are so many great things about our state too. That includes many incredible museums. Of course, we have the big ones like the Field Museum of Natural History but there are also many hidden gems.

One of those is the Elmhurst History Museum in Elmhurst, Illinois. It's in the Chicago suburbs. In fact, my mom lives about ten minutes away so that's why it's on my radar. They've had some cool exhibits through the years including ones featuring Disco Demolition Night at Comisky Park, Illinois amusement parks, and Snoopy. I'm very excited about their latest addition.

Illinois Is All About The Food

Ask any food experts or chefs and they'll tell you that Illinois, especially Chicago, is a foodie wonderland. There are so many fantastic restaurants that serve up the most delicious food. Of course, there are certain foods that our state is known for. I believe the greatest three of all time are deep-dish pizza, Italian beef sandwich, and Chicago-style hot dog. They will all be featured in the new exhibit at the Elmhurst History Museum.

Eat Your Heart Out: Iconic Chicagoland Foods

That's the name of the new exhibit and it sounds very tasty.

According to,

Chicago’s food fame rests on three stalwart pillars: pizza, hot dogs, and Italian beef.


Learn about the origins of these and other iconic Chicagoland eats and weigh in on whether there is ever a time when ketchup belongs on a hot dog, Italian beef is consumed wet or dry, or if pizza should be cut in squares or triangles.


Explore the history of many classic Chicago food traditions as well as the often colorful innovators and establishments that earned the devotion of generations of foodies, including Vienna Beef, Portillo's, Lou Malnati's, and more.

By the way, it's free admission. For more info, HERE.

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