After six years of being empty and sad-looking, the former Schnucks building on Rural St. in Rockford may have a new owner.

According to, Carpenter's Place, a non-profit who helps the homeless community in Rockford, wants to open a "high-end Goodwill store" in the vacant building, but the deal is far from done yet.

Carpenter's Place's purchase of the building needs to be approved by Rockford’s Code and Regulation Committee, and the subject will be discussed at the Committee's meeting this Monday. Although Carpenter's Place has made no formal comments yet on this opportunity, I am assuming if they officially get the green light on Monday, they will go full steam ahead with their thrift store plans.

Since we're on the subject of Carpenter's Place, I want you to know they need our help right now. Non-profits are hurting worse than normal during this pandemic, but the need from the communities they serve has not dwindled.

Monetary donations to Carpenter's Place are greatly needed and appreciated, and you can make a donation online now, here.

If you'd rather donate supplies to help area homeless or volunteer your time to help feed people in need, here are a few of the critical supplies Carpenter's Place needs right now:

  • Pull Ups 3T – 5T
  • Belts; both men and women
  • Wallets
  • Backpacks
  • Short-sleeve men’s t-shirts; large and XL
  • Sandwich bags; Ziploc type

And the open meal dates they need help filling for the month of September:



We're all in this together, so if you have the time or means to help community members in need, please do so today. Thank you.

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