McEachran Homestead Winery in Caledonia, Illinois officially closed its doors in 2022, but now the winery has a new owner who planning new and exciting things for the years to come.

Honoring an Illinois Family Tradition

When McEachran Homestead Winery at 1917 Wyman School Rd. in Caledonia opened for business in 2009, the Rockford area quickly fell in love with the vineyard and the man who owned it, Dr. Herbert Greenlee.

Dr. Greenlee was a retired surgeon from Chicago who planted the first acre of vineyard as a hobby and enjoyed spending time with the public there when it opened as a business according to the Rockford Register Star. After Dr. Greenlee passed away in 2020 his family tried to keep the business going but eventually decided to sell it in 2022.

The winery's business name was NOT included as part of the sale, so the new owners came up with a new one they feel honors Dr. Greenlee's legacy...Blossom & Bee Winery.

New Things Coming to Blossom & Bee Winery

The farm that Blossom & Bee Winery sits on is 20 total acres, but not all of the land was utilized by the former McEachran Homestead Winery. That is the first thing the new owners will be changing. A recent Facebook post says;

Next year we hope to open with the west side of the farm as a cut flower garden, and welcome our guests to pick their bouquets or we can make one for you.

Our hope is to utilize the full property and share the farm experience with you all next summer, we have found so many treasures already growing on this property and spent the spring and summer enjoying the fresh bouquets, asparagus, rhubarb, and soon to come apples and pears.


When Will Blossom & Bee Winery Open?

Blossom & Bee Winery will not be ready to officially open to the public until 2024, BUT it appears they will be opening for picking your own grapes VERY soon...

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