If I said that I don't love the convenience of shopping on Amazon I would be a total liar. Not only are a lot of things cheaper on Amazon, but they come in a hurry...for a parent with two young kids who don't like shopping, it's a Heaven-sent service.

I could preach about my love for Amazon all day long, but then I read things like this, and immediately feel guilty about giving money to a company who is quickly starting to treat their employees like robots.

According to the Chicago Tribune, Amazon has "recently won patents for wristbands that could be used as part of an inventory system, communicating with equipment in warehouses and nudging employees via vibrations if, for example, they were about to place items in the wrong bins."

Considering Amazon is in the process of adding warehouses and jobs to Illinois, this pending technology is a concern for many Illinoisans. I get that streamlining operation and accuracy is vital to any modern business, but I can't help but feel tracking employee movements this closely is a violation of privacy. Maybe I'm too paranoid, but technology such as this seems to be screaming for it to be hacked by someone who is up to no good.

The Chicago Tribune does report that Amazon "does not track or intend to track its employees’ locations", but I'm not buying it. How about you?

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