If you're a dog owner, then I'd bet money you've had this thought before ... "What do my dogs barks REALLY mean?" It's 2020, how can I still not have a conversation with my dog? Okay maybe that's extreme. But I am always curious of what my dog is trying to say through her barks.

If you're like me, then sometimes you'll just narrate for them. I do it all the time. But have you ever made your dog swear? Well, why not let a collar do it for you?

It exists and it's called the Cuss Collar. WTVO details -

A new dog collar will allow you to hear what you want to think your dog is saying when it’s barking at the doorbell or a noise outside. The CussCollar has a speaker on the collar that plays a pre-recorded set of expletives whenever your dog barks including “f—” and “bulls–t”. The leather collar with steel buckle and speaker costs $60.


Amazing right? Well, clearly the internet thought so because what was originally created as a gag gift idea is now sold out. I'm not sure about a restock but I'm sure with this growing popularity there totally will be. Check out more here.

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