If you've been wondering what is being built near the Chrysler factory in Belvidere, we now know it is some kind of parts supplier, but we won't know exactly what company it  is until a later date.

With production of the Jeep Patriot, Jeep Compass and Dodge Dart ending this December at the Belvidere Fiat-Chrysler plant, many changes will be coming to prepare for the production of the Jeep Cherokee which will now be done in Belvidere starting in 2017.

According to the Rockford Register Star;

Fiat Chrysler will spend $350 million to upgrade the plant for the new model, and add 300 jobs to the workforce of 4,180 hourly and 320 salaried employees.

In addition to the new jobs being added to the plant itself, the new building under construction at 725 Logistics Drive in Belvidere will bring 500 new jobs, and 500 new manufacturing jobs will also be coming to Sager Industrial Park in Belvidere to meet the needs of Jeep Cherokee production.

Jarid Funderberg, who is the executive director of Growth Dimensions for Belvidere and Boone County, also told the Rockford Register Star that after the required supplier shuffles, " there will be more Fiat Chrysler-related jobs in Belvidere because of the Cherokee than there are with the three current models."