Do you Scrabble? The Collins Official Scrabble Words Dictionary has approved new words that will be added to the game of Scrabble. Over 6,500 new words for players. Are you ready to spell these words out?


The dictionary will add 6,500 new words to the popular board game’s lexicon, in the first update since 2011. These will be added to the existent 250,000 words on the official approval list.  Get ready to earn some points with those crummy letters according to Stylist.Co.UK.

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Here's a list of some of the words we will be adding to the Scrabble board...


Shizzle -  American rap slang meaning 'sure'. (18 points)

Cakehole - mouth (17 points)

Bezzy - best friend (18 points)

Cazh - casual (18 points)

Lolz - having a laugh (13 points)

Obvs - obviously (9 points)

Ridic - ridiculous (8 points)

Thanx - (15 points)

Twerking - type of dance involving rapid hip movement (16 points)

Tuneage - music (8 points)

Cakehole - mouth (17 points)

Newb - newbie (9 points)

Shoutout -  a mention, credit, typically made over the radio or during a live performance (11 points)


Sexting - practice of sending sexually explicit text messages (15 points)

Hashtag - a word or phrase preceded by a hashmark on Twitter, used to denote the topic of a post (14 points)

Tweep - person who uses Twitter (10 points)

Facetime -  talking with someone via the Apple FaceTime application (15 points)


Eew - exclamation of disgust (6 points)

Grr - interjection expressing anger or annoyance (4 points)

Yeesh - interjection used to express frustration (11 points)


Emoji - digital icon used in electronic communication (14 points)

Schvitz - to sweat (24 points)

Checkbox - small clickable box on a computer screen (28 points)
Looks like I'll have more points in the next Scrabble game in my house against my family. Good luck and enjoy creating these new words.