I get things happen in life. I also get that sometimes those "things" involve moving into new homes or finding yourself in a situation that no longer allows a pet to be in your life. Knowing things like that happen doesn't make my heart break any less for pets like today's Pet of the Week, Styles.

Styles is handsome. He's friendly. He's playful. Sounds a lot like the perfect pet, right? Styles may in fact be the perfect pet, unfortunately he just hasn't found his perfect family yet.

Here's what Amber Pinnon, Volunteer and Adoption Program Coordinator for Winnebago County Animal Services has to say about Styles;

How can anyone resist this face?!? Meet our Pet of the Week, Styles! This two-year-old charmer has struggled to find the right match due to no fault of his own. His new home would adore his pout, love kisses, and offer plenty of exercise to burn off his energy. Think you're a match?

Styles' adoption fee is $110, and it includes up-to-date vaccinations, his license and a microchip. You can get a jump start on adopting Styles today by filling out an adoption application in advance at wcasrock.org, just make sure to include Styles' ID# A435025 on the form so they have this handsome little devil ready to meet you when you arrive at Winnebago County Animal Services!

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