If you live in Illinois you are either willing to drive into downtown Chicago with zero hesitation or you are unequivocally against it. A third option would be you're not allowed by a significant other or a friend. Personally, I love the challenge of driving deep into the city. One thing is certain, the traffic can be insane.

U.S. Skies and Roads Busy Ahead Of Memorial Day Weekend
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A few months ago I rode with coworkers to United Center for a work outing to a Chicago Bulls game and the driver's skills were stellar. (Shout out to Double T.) Although his skills were great, the car following us (also part of our group) was on the upper echelon. Despite the crazy traffic we encountered, the driver never lost us. It was beyond impressive.


I'm not really a NASCAR fan but I do respect the driving skills and maneuvers. Truth be told I like the crashes too as long as nobody gets hurt.

Monster Energy NASCAR Cup Series Camping World 400
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NASCAR's final race in Joliet, Illinois was in 2019 but fans won't need to shed their tears too much longer because another race is coming to Illinois. It won't happen overnight but it's all but official.

A NASCAR street race is coming to Chicago.

The I's haven't been dotted and the T's haven't been crossed but word on the street is it's all but official, it's going to happen. This should make for an interesting event for Chicago for sure. It'll drive in revenue for businesses, and the city itself, and drive in ratings for whatever network will televise the event. (See what I did there?)

Block Club Chicago reports the first race is right around the corner.

The agreement is expected to outline a three-year partnership where NASCAR would create a temporary course on Downtown streets, with the first race held in 2023, according to The Athletic.

There's no chance of this happening but I wish us average Joe drivers could try out for the race, I think would be fun... albeit a terrible idea.

[h/t Block Club Chicago]

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