But how long will we remember, 'Nacho Guy?'

Last night during the Cubs-Cardinals game, Addison Russell attempted to make a pretty amazing catch and instead pretty much fell into the stands and knocked over a Cardinal fan's nachos.

Literally nachos were everywhere and had to be cleaned up on the field before the game resumed.

So of course, Russell brought the guy a new set of nachos.

And now he thinks he's famous.

This nacho-tastrophe happened less than 18 hours ago and the guy already changed his name on Twitter to 'nacho man,' and his cover photo to a shot of him and the chips.

Before last night, he'd only sent two tweets in over a year but it looks like now he's ready to embrace all things nacho.

I feel for the guy. It was absolutely awesome to be part of the game last night, but his 'nacho guy' status will probably only last for a day or two.

Will he go back to his original Twitter handle, 'guder82?' He probably doesn't want to 'taco' bout that...

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