Waking up to surprises can be good or gross.

In my case, as seen in the picture, my morning surprise was gross and good.My cat, Millie, caught a mouse. She triumphantly laid her prize before my feet. I almost stepped on it when getting out of bed. Yeeks!

As gross as that was to find when getting up, I praised her for her victory.

Never in the five years that I've lived here, have I ever saw a mouse in this house.

Frankly, I had no idea if my cat knew what to do if there were any. Well now I know. She can catch them. I have a mouser in the house.

The moral to this morning surprise story is this. Pay attention to what your animals are saying to you. They really do communicate to you in their own way.

This morning, I was annoyed at Millie trying to wake me up. I thought it was because she had missed me being gone the last few days. Now I see she wanted to show me her prize.


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