Move Best Burgers in Illinois.

You've got some competition.

As now, Illinois can claim they're the home of the best burritos too.

NBC Chicago shares that the Daily Mail ranked 5 burrito spots in Illinois (out of 50) as being the best in the nation.

And here's a kicker, the burritos aren't all in Chicago either.

I know that's a shocker isn't it?

"The top 50 ranking - based on criteria that included, fresh ingredients, meat and add-on options, customizability, and critic reviews – included three Chicago locations, one suburban eatery and a central Illinois restaurant."

So where can we find these tasty stuffed to the gills tortillas?

Asada burrito at Maize Mexican Grill in Champaign, which was listed at #11. 

Carne Asada burrito at L’Patron in Chicago. Came in at #12.

The Super Lomo burrito at La Pasadita in Chicago came in at # 32.

Steak burrito at El Burrito Mexicano in Lisle at # 42.

Chorizo burrito at Irazu in Chicago, which made the cut at #45.

To see the complete list of the Best Burritos in America, click here.

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