Apparently, what's hot in Chicago are their dogs. The Windy City is home to 10 on the "Best Hot Dogs in America".

NBC Chicago shares the listing that the Daily Mail released of where the 75 Best Hot Dogs in America were from.

10 of those dogs come right from Chicago.

Here they are. Coming in at...

#65: Mustard's Last Stand, Evanston

#41: Murphy's Red Hots, Chicago

#39: Wiener's Circle, Chicago

#38: Vienna Beef Factory, Chicago

#36: Gold Coast Dogs, Chicago

#24: Gene and Jude's, River Grove

#20: Jimmy's Red Hots, Chicago

#14: Portillo's, Chicago

#13: Fat Johnnie's Famous Red Hots, Chicago

#3: Superdawg, Chicago

Wow! That's a lot of dogs.

How many of these hot dogs have you enjoyed?


Of all those listed, I've only had Portillo's hot dog in Chicago as well as at their Rockford and DeKalb locations.

I guess I've got some eating to do.

How about you?






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