Earlier this week, we brought you the most boring places in Illinois, so we thought we'd throw a positive spin your way and bring you the same website's (movoto.com) list of the 10 most exciting places in Illinois.

Rockford doesn't quite make this list either. Although, just in the last few months we've had ghosts and bears visit so I'm thinking we should apply for a recount!

This list is based on: nightlife, music venues, outdoor activities, specific kinds of restaurants, and the number of adults age 18-34. There's a bunch of boring math involved too.

The results? The 10 Most Exciting Places in Illinois:

  1. Evanston - music and parks everywhere!
  2. Woodstock - fancy restaurants are all over Woodstock
  3. Rock Island - looking for fun after 8pm? Head to Rock Island, loaded with nightlife.
  4. Chicago (yup, 4th!) - pizza. pizza. hot dogs. baseball. pizza. pizza. more music.
  5. St. Charles - you'll find sophisticated excitement here, lots of walkable fun
  6. Carbondale - filled with college students, another nightlife filled city
  7. Champaign - another college town filled with fun bars (stay away if you're old)
  8. Edwardsville - never heard of it before today, apparently it's another college town...
  9. Bloomington - find a trend yet? Bloomington is home to TWO colleges!
  10. Downers Grove - fanciest on the list, full of delicious dining

Where does your favorite place in Illinois fall?

There's a full chart right here. Rockford is 31 out of 100, that's not actually too bad.