Tax season is upon us, what will you do with your return? This could be an investment opportunity for the family. Maybe?

Does your family need some time spent together? Could you use an RV? If so, you're in in luck.

You could pick up this short school bus in Machesney Park. It's cheap, too.


I guess "cheap" varies from family to family. For $2,500 you could own this beauty.

It's going to need some TLC, though. Think of all the togetherness that you can enjoy by converting this bus into an RV.


The person selling it has all ready emptied it out in hopes of converting it into an RV themselves, or so they say.

All you have to do is set up the inside they way you want and fix the engine. That shouldn't be too costly, right? Obviously I'm not a mechanic and have no idea what I'm talking about.

I do know that I can not buy it unless I want live in it, because that's where I'd have to go after telling my wife.

You can buy it, though.