A family's memorial for their relative killed in an accident went missing this week. They've finally learned where it went but it doesn't make sense.

Memorial Missing In Rockford
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People have been using telephone poles for posters, garage sale signs, and other notes for decades; some even being used as a memorial. One Rockford family learned the memorial can be removed at any time without being contacted.

Karen Gendron Schafer, 58, was killed near Alpine Road & Brendenwood Road on February 24, 2013 by a suspect that was fleeing from police. Family and friends used a utility pole and a memorial for Karen by hanging flowers, pictures, a wreath and a cross. For more than four years there was something there in honor of Karen, that is, until a few days ago. Karen's niece Nikki shared the news on Facebook.

Obviously it's a given the family would be upset about the memorial disappeared. Was it vandalized? Did it fall down and blow away? Where could it have gone? It turns out, the City of Rockford removed the makeshift memorial. Though they had a valid excuse, the reason behind it is ridiculous.

Public Works Director Mark Stockman spoke to WIFR about it and said it's technically against city ordinance to put up memorials on city property, but they won't necessarily take it down. Unless something like this happens...

We are sensitive to the point that we don't go out looking for them we actually wait for a complaint and if a complaint comes in then we're obligated to act on it.

The memorial for Karen Gendron Schafer was not returned to family, according to WIFR,

Stockman says the cross was destroyed while workers were taking it down.

Here's another memorial hanging in Rockford, let's hope no one complains about this one, too.

Memorial In Rockford
Google Street View


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