UPDATE: Monster the missing chihuahua from Ridott was found and turned into the Freeport Animal Hospital late Friday afternoon.

The animal hospital called my friends around 4:30 Friday afternoon (April 20th) and said that Monster was turned into them. He seemed to fine. Look fed and clean and had no injuries.

As for how he turned up at the in Freeport after gone missing in his backyard in Ridott, that has yet to be discovered. Also, the identity of the party or person who turned him in to the clinic is not known.

My friends were told to contact the Stephenson County Animal Services for more information.

The important and much happier note is that he was found and returned to his family and that he didn't meet the fate of being a bait dog, of which my friends were warned about from animal services.

Thank you all for sharing this story and getting Monster back home.


Have you seen this dog? He was reported missing from some friends of mine in Ridott.

This little guy is Monster. He's a black Chihuahua, with whitish muzzle and a little white locket on his chest. He's 12 years old about 3 pounds in weight. He went missing yesterday afternoon from his fenced in backyard in Ridott, IL.

Monster was let out to do his business in the yard around 3:30pm. It wasn't 10 minutes later when a family member went to let him in they discovered he was gone.

My friends combed the neighborhood looking and calling for him, but he didn't turn up.

They don't know if someone snatched him from the yard when walking down the alley or how he got out of the yard, all they know is he's gone and their kids are devastated.

A report was filed with the Stephenson County Animal Control, in case Monster was found and turned into them.

The sad and scary part of what the animal control office shared with my friend is that there have been reports that little dogs are getting snatched up right now, because they're being used as bait to train dogs to fight.

Ugh! That makes my stomach sick.

Please let's find this dog. I can't bare the thought of something gruesome happening to him.

There are little children waiting and wishing for Monster to come home.

If you've seen him or have any information please call 815-721-0304 or the Stephenson County Animal Control at 815-235-8276.



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