Last week Heinz was rolled out a new condiment of Mayochup, the mayonnaise and ketchup combo.

Now they're asking for our help in naming this burger and sandwich topping.

According to NBC ChicagoHeinz received 510,000 votes saying yes to their newest condiment of "Mayochup". That was just 10,000 over the required amounts of votes they needed to proceed in making this new topping in a bottle a product that would be of regular occurrence here in the states.

Now they are needing help of what they should call it?

Should it remain named Mayochup?

Or should they call it something different?

As of now, the top suggested names are “Sauce.” (with the period), “The Secret Formula,” “Campfire Sauce,” “Mayomato” and “Fancy Sauce.”

Hmmm. I'm liking the Mayomato or Fancy Sauce names myself.

What would you suggest?



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