If you missed paying a toll, no worries Illinois' tollway has you covered.

WGN shares that the Illinois Tollway board voted to extend the grace period to pay your missed tolls.

Previously drivers has a week to pay their tolls they missed due to not having the correct change or an I-PASS.

The board agreed to extend it from one week to now 14 days.

This extended time is "meant to help drivers who don’t use the tollway often, and who may be unfamiliar with the requirements."

So note to self. Make sure your I-Pass is full and if you don't have an I-Pass, make sure you bring enough change with you while driving the interstate system that requires tolls.

However, if you forget at least you know you have a full extra week to pay for them and be in the clear.

Also, if you miss paying your tolls "three [times] in a year, a violation notice is issued, charging a $20 fine per missed toll."

Ouch!  Yeah don't don't that.





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