Another great Rockford Craigslist Missed Connection will have you wondering what went down at this Menard's.

Menards in Machesney Park, Illinois
Google Street View

A guy decided he needed to go to Menard's for something because he's the do-it-yourself type (good for him). Little did he know he would encounter the woman of his dreams except he wouldn't get her name or her "status." Maybe this memorable moment as stayed with the random woman that was nearby to clean up his mess.

In this Craiglist Missed Connection Mr. Unknown mentions a mishap taking place inside Menards right off the bat. He left little detail about this "mishap" that could lead one to believe it was embarrasing. Embarrassing or not, maybe it was a love connection with Jane Doe. Check out the details.

Menards Craigslist Missed Connection
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This woman must have wowed him if he can't get her out of his head. That's minuscule at this point because all we really want to know is what happened at Menards!? If you know the answer please, please, please, share it with us.

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