Ever feel like the person in another car is staring at you? If they're like these women they probably are. Also, what's up with their food combination?

Here's the scene: two women are sitting in their car at a McDonald's in Rockford when they spot an appealing man. What do you do when you spot something memorable? You pull out your phone and snap a pic, as long as it isn't creepy... like this photo. This isn't the only question that stems from this Craigslist Missed Connection.

Craigslist Missed Connection

We were sitting in the McDonald's parking lot eating our mc-powers . You were sitting in your car playing your phone . You watched us dip our mcchickens into our powerade.... for what seemed like minutes. I may have hit your car with the rest of my mc chicken no disreslect . I highly doubt you will ever see this post. But if there is a will there is a way. If you see this, please respond. We just wanted to have a Mc power with you. It's life changing

Wait. A McPower? "You watched us dip our mcchickens into our powerade..." Ummm, that sounds disgusting. We will pass, but maybe the gentleman in this creepy photo would love to take them up on the offer.

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