Milwaukee Brewers announced presale tickets to all ten games versus the Chicago Cubs at Miller Park (a.k.a. Wrigley North). Cubbies fans in Illinois should not get excited about this. The Brew Crew doesn't want them there.

For the second season in a row the Milwaukee Brewers organization is taking a note from the St. Louis Blues and not selling tickets to fans with out-of-state information, zip codes, etc.. This isn't an assumption, this is fact. In a tweet shared by WGN Chicago, the Brewers said this,

Any claims that this presale is an attempt to prevent Cubs fans from getting Brewers tickets are… well, pretty accurate, actually.

The presale ends today (Friday, Feb. 15) at 11:59 p.m., but Cubs fans shouldn't feel hurt because it's not personal, it's just business. The six words that can be anything but not be hurtful. According to WGN, Milwaukee went on to say every game (especially rivalries) is important and so is filling the park with home team fans.

And, while we don’t dislike all Cubs fans, we just really prefer when Miller Park is packed to the brim with Brewers faithful.

Any logical sports fan will tell you this is dumb and, if anything, will put fewer butts in seats IF a team is able to pull this off 100%.

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